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One sided by RachelLevitte
One sided
It makes me kinda sad to think of Pearl. People say RosexPearl is dead...I don't think it is. I think it's alive and it is painful. She was not only not loved back the way she wanted to but she was blind with obsession and a bad portrayal of her feelings. Still she was very ethic (as far as we know) and she never forced herself, however she did suffered and she may still suffer from infatuation or eromania. She may have tried to get over it thousands of times but she finds herself under the strong torture and painful memories because she could never even... well...either if you choose to believe Rose knew or if you choose to believe she didn't know and it was all in Pearl's's still rather a sad love story. 
I've heard worst...but this is sad as heck and well I won't ever take it back...I do believe Pearl had strong romantic feelings for Rose. 
Watashi daisuki, honto, honto daisuki by RachelLevitte
Watashi daisuki, honto, honto daisuki
Mabel confesses....this is an old sketch you may remember from a sketchdump...since my paint tool sai it's back I decided to finish it. 

Mabel and Pacifica belong to disney.
Art by me. Do not repost, just reblog from my tumblr if you want to
Mystery twins by RachelLevitte
Mystery twins
...machine inspired in Akira Toriyama's mechas >w<
I love gravity falls! 

If you like twincest please do not consider this part of that fanart gallery, I respect your right to ship whoever you want to but as a twin sister myself I find that ship rather disturbing  
Ok. So, you know, I was passing by

And I decided to read the comments because I was like…Oh I bet the Sleeping-warrior fans are very happy about this. And what I find is straight people complaining because the “idea” of Mulan not being straight in THIS VERSION of her story. 

These are some of my comments and my general answer/ reactions to them. 

1) So a woman wears an armour, and fights for herself, and befriends a girl, she's a lesbian?!? -.- did she not claim to love phillip before?

a) This person is saying that she is going against the feminist statement that all women can be strong without being gay. As if it hadn’t been stated by the show before. Emma, Regina, Snow, Elsa, Anna, Belle…all of them have some kind of armors- or in any defect they have fought very well and defeated men in a pretty dress. All of them have shown that they are brave, skilled to fight, adventurous and strong…and all of them are portrayed to be madly in love with a man at any point of this story. Thus her/his complaining about strong women just being portrayed as lesbians is not really a valid argument that can be related to this show or…actually any show. 

 b) On the other hand s/he is right. Why is the girl in the armor the one who has to be portrayed as a queer character? Why can’t it be a more delicate and generally considered “fem” the one who may fall in love with another girl in the show? Oh, I know why! Because when straight women are represented in different and accurate ways in every TV show, queer women are just an stereotype. This argument just proves that women who are queer (a.k.a Lesbians, bisexuals, pansexuals, transgender, demisexual, asexual) have no accurate or enough representation in the media. 

 c) S/he is saying that because Mulan likes a guy and then a girl, she is really a lesbian. That just reassures my statement that queer women are not well represented. She could be anything: from lesbian to a trans straight man. To be honest, it is impossible to know because the only “official” moment was censored and she had never talked about her feelings…you know, like all the other straight characters in the story who have clearly stated their feelings about their beloved ones. Mulan was censored and to be honest, even if she hadn’t been censored, we would have never known because IT IS SOMETHING THAT IS NOT PORTRAYED OR SHOWN IN REGULAR TV SHOWS. 

2) I prefer Mulan who fell for shang, fought for china and gave herself a name, not this stupid fem-slasher weird fantasy crap! why destroy the names of the characters we grew up to love!!

 I can’t believe this got so many likes with a clearly homophobic comment. But I will take a deep breath and try not to insult anybody, just because as always one of us has to be the mature one and respectful one here. 

For your information, the version that this people prefers is also not-canonical. Because you see, Mulan was a real person in the history of China. In the story, she did not fall in love with any man called Shang. In fact, she was named captain herself and she spent 12 years in war before returning home.  You can check all here:… 

Thus the Disney version is as valid as any other version. 

3) sooooo WHY exactly is mulan gay in this?

 I don’t know. Why is people straight?  A lot of people think that people need to be a reason to be queer, but we don’t. We are born this way, and to be honest that happens in all the species in nature. The fact that s/he questions it, just because it happened in the show (after the characters spent so much time together and bonded in different ways) makes me think that this person is a troll or needs a reason to validate every sexual orientation thus I am interest…what’s people's reason to be straight? 

On the other hand if the question is if she spontanously said she was in love with Aurora without any space on the plot to show the developement of her feelings. I shall say: This person should watch season 2 again without the heteronormativity glasses. To summarize the situation: Two human beings who spent a lot of time together getting to know each other, bonding and taking care of each other. That is all humans need sometimes to fall in love. The opportunity to develop it. And these two had a lot of time together to do so. 

And I conclude by telling you that if people prefer the DISNEY VERSION over the ONCE UPON A TIME VERSION. And people hate the show so much. Then they are losing their time by passing by the video. I mean, I don’t imagine myself waking up in the morning and look for something that I hate just to look for those who love it and tell them that I hate it. It is like imagining a kid who decides to spend his or her own afternoon walking around the neighborhood to look for other kids to tell them that he hates their games.  I mean, they had the option to look for a video that they actually could enjoy and comment on how much they like it but instead they looked for one they could hate to spread negative feelings? I do not understand their logic and certainly do not understand the arguments that they used because they are really invalid.

I know I shouldn't care about things like this, but I just couldn't help it. As you can see, it's more than just the ship, it's about the whole ignorance, discrimination and boicot of the whole tiny moment.

Thanks for letting me rant, if you made it to this point: here is a cookie! 

Love, Rachel


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