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Korrami- she keeps me warm. by RachelLevitte
Korrami- she keeps me warm.
Love this song way too much.…

Do you like korrasami? Check out my gallery :3
Do you like yuri? Check it out >w< 
ID 2015 by RachelLevitte
ID 2015
This will be the face behind the comics and drawings you get. Hope you don't mind. I usually don't like mixing my photos with my drawings, but it was time for a new ID. Specially since it's the very first time in my life that I have really short hair. 


Korra cosplay by RachelLevitte
Korra cosplay
07 - Cosplaying

I was gonna make it korrasami first...then I was like oh who am I kidding. Digimon 1 it's about here you go korrasami and the cool sibblings Bolin and Mako cosplaying Digimon 1. 

if you are a korrasami fan check out the other days in my gallery. 

Korrasami Wearing eachothers clothes by RachelLevitte
Korrasami Wearing eachothers clothes
Korrasami 30 days challange. 

Day 1: Holding hands
Day 2: Cuddling 
Day 3: Watching TV
Day 4- Date
Day 5 Kissing 
Day 6: Wearing eachothers clothes (here)

This one was particulary hard because there's a lot of great artist who have drawn them wearing each other's clothes. 
I was thinking of not doing it, then when I decided to do it I was so frustrated about making it different that I spent more than 2 hrs just trying to sketch it. 
I got motivation watching this edited video with korra's voice actriss speech from her new show…

Check out the other day's drawings. 
Everytime I say I don't want to have children, people tell me stuff. Stuff that get to my nerves. So today, allies of mine I give you my answers to every single stupidity I'm supposed to bare in every family reunion or graduation meeting. 

    1)      But it’s so natural.

So it’s to die…


    2)      But babies are so cute.
So are puppies but they do not come out of my vagina.

    3)      It will happen anyways.
Yes? Police officer? I’m in front of a rapist….


    4)      What a lonely life will you have.
Not lonely enough since I still gotta bare imbecilic ones like you.


    5)      You will change your mind one day.
Dude, you can see the future?! What’s the next lottery winning number?


    6)      Do you hate children?
Yes, Yes I do.


    7)      That’s so selfish.
So it is for you to think you can decide about my life but here you are…still breathing so peacefully.


    8)      Are you saying that because you can’t have them?
Are you saying that because you can’t think?


    9)      But what will you do with your life?
Oh, you know, everything YOU want to but can’t. *smirks*


    10)   God want us to be fruitful.
Why didn’t you tell me I was a tree before! This surely changes everything.


    11)   It’s women’s greatest achievement!
Neh, I’m sure your mom could have done way better.


    12)   Who will take care of you when you get old?
Oh, so what you want is a servant. That makes more sense.


    13)   You should have one before it is too late.
You should shut up before it’s too late.


    14)   You just don’t understand because you’re not a parent.
People obviously are parents before they have babies, that’s why they want them. Your logic is flawless.


    15)   But who will pass on your family line?
Duque Henry and Sir Arthur keep asking me the same question. It is so hard to be a queen nowadays.


    16)   Don’t you want a family on your own?
No, I don’t.


    17)   It’s your duty as a woman.
In many countries it’s considered a woman’s duty to cut their clitoris when they get their first menarche. Wanna sign up?


    18)   What about your significant other?
What about me?


    19)   You’re too young to know that.
Well said, old geezer.


    20)   You haven’t found the right guy yet.
Neither did your mom and still here you are.


    21)   But you would be such a great parent.
Yeah…but you know what else can I be? A unicorn. Yeah, I’d be such a cool unicorn.


    22)   But Babies are such a precious gift.
You’re right. I’ll get one or two from the gift shop next time I go.


    23)   Don’t you want to give your parents grandchildren?
No. I don’t.


    24)   Every woman wants a baby.
Well, Stop the press and call the news! I must be a fucking alien. 


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Favourite cartoon character: Jinx from teen titans
Personal Quote: The only thing tha matters is that you like it

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